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Board Committees & Descriptions

Board Committees & Descriptions


The Executive Committee is empowered to deal with issues that arise between the full board meetings. It also formulates the agenda for full board meetings. Membership of the Executive Committee consists of the Board officers and the Executive Director. The Committee will also oversee new program development; monitor and assess existing programs; and to facilitate discussions about program priorities for the agency.


The Nominating Committee is charged with maintaining the composition of the Board. The duties include, but are not limited to:

  • To prepare priorities for board composition

  • To meet with prospective board members and recommend candidates to the board

  • To recommend a slate of officers to the board

  • To conduct orientation sessions for new board members and to organize training sessions for the entire board, and

  • To suggest new, non-board individuals for committee membership.


The Fundraising Committee assists the organization with its year round fundraising efforts. Members of the Committee will help WF come up with unique fundraising strategies, host fundraising events, and help attract donors. The Fundraising Committee is open to anyone who is passionate about workplace rights.


The Website Committee is charged with assisting the staff in continuing to make improvements to the WF website in line with the mission/vision statement. The Committee will work with WF staff on developing/implementing priorities and providing technical assistance. 


The new Revenue Development Committee works with the Workplace Fairness staff on oversight of new and existing programs and affiliate relationships that produce revenue. Duties include, but are not limited to, monitoring, assessing, and implementing new or existing programs and affiliate relationships.  The Committee will ensure that Workplace Fairness provides programs in line with industry standards and in line with the organization’s mission.

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