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March 24, 2023

Some Democrats Remain Unconvinced on Biden's Pick for Labor Secretary

Source: Ryan Nobles, Frank Thorp, and Liz Brown-Kaiser, NBC News

A group of moderate Democrats, all of whom voted to confirm Julie Su to serve as the Deputy Labor Secretary, remain on the fence as to whether they would support her nomination to lead the department.

Unions at Disney World Win 37% Pay Hikes in Tentative Labor Deal

Source: Chris Isidore and Vanessa Yurkevich, CNN Business

The company said it was pleased to be able to reach the tentative agreement and hopeful that will be ratified.

Sex Worker-Led Payment Platform Shuts Down After Being Cut Off by Processor

Source: Samantha Cole, Vice

Adult industry cryptocurrency payment platform SpankPay announced that it is closing down, after facing the same banking discrimination it aimed to help sex workers avoid.

March 23, 2023

Starbucks Workers Protest Before Annual Shareholder Meeting

Source: Associated Press, ABC News

Starbucks workers and their supporters rallied outside the company’s Seattle headquarters Wednesday to protest what they describe as union-busting efforts by executives.

The US Workers Fighting Back Against Union Busting

Source: Michael Sainato, The Guardian

Organizers say an increased unionizing drive has been met with threats and retaliation – and now the Senate wants answers.

LinkedIn CEO: ‘Your Next Best Employee is Most Likely Your Current Employee’

Source: Ryan Roslansky, Fortune

Ryan Roslansky became the CEO of LinkedIn weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic. He tells his story here.

March 22, 2023

Pizza Shop Owner Broke Worker’s Teeth, Threatened to Have Employees Deported

Source: Julia Marnin, Yahoo News

The owner of a chain of pizzerias in Boston forced employees to “work against their will” using scare tactics, abuse and threats of deportation, federal officials said.

New Starbucks CEO Takes Over Early

Source: Amelia Lucas, CNBC

Laxman Narasimhan is officially CEO of Starbucks, nearly two weeks earlier than expected.

American Missionary Held Hostage for Years in Niger is Released

Source: Ben Gittleson, ABC News

Jeffery Woodke, a Christian humanitarian aid worker, was released on Monday after more than six years in captivity, the White House said.

March 21, 2023

Amazon to Lay Off 9,000 More Workers

Source: Annie Palmer, CNBC

The cuts follow an earlier round of layoffs that began in November and extended into January, which affected more than 18,000 staffers.

Despite Meta's Mass Layoffs, Tech Jobs are Hard to Fill

Source: Kevin Travers, CNBC

The mismatch is two-fold: the time it takes to hire is too long, and hiring overlooks underrepresented groups.

Los Angeles School Workers to Strike, Shutting Down the Nation’s Second-Largest District

Source: Cheri Mossburg and Holly Yan, CNN

A union representing 30,000 Los Angeles school custodians, cafeteria workers, bus drivers and other support staff will start a three-day strike today.

March 20, 2023

Ways HR is Thinking About Attracting and Retaining Gen Z Talent

Source: Maya Alexander, CNBC

A global pandemic and a possible U.S. recession are reshaping the workforce, but the impact of Gen Z may be greater than both.

Dollar Tree Can’t Afford to Sell Eggs Anymore

Source: Nathaniel Meyersohn, CNN Business

The chain caters to low and middle-income customers and it doesn’t want to offer eggs at sticker shock prices to hurt its price reputation with shoppers.

AI is About to Change the Way We Work

Source: Samantha Murphy Kelly, CNN Business

Suddenly, AI tools, which have long operated in the background of many services, are now more powerful and more visible across a wide and growing range of workplace tools.

March 17, 2023

‘Hard to Ignore Julie Su’: Biden’ Labor Secretary Pick Fights for Confirmation

Source: Steven Greenhouse, The Guardian

Supporters fear Su, the deputy labor secretary, might have a hard time getting the needed Senate votes as some business groups oppose her nomination.

Anger as French Government Pushes Through Pension Change Without Vote

Source: Elizabeth Pineau and Ingrid Melander, U.S. News

French unions called for another day of strikes and action against the reform on Thursday March 23.

Google Nixes Paying Out Maternity and Medical Leave for Laid-Off Employees

Source: Jennifer Elias, CNBC

Google is indicating to ex-staffers, who got laid off while on maternity and medical leave, that they won’t get paid for all of their remaining time off.

March 16, 2023

Facebook-Parent Meta Plans to Lay Off Another 10,000 Employees

Source: Catherine Thorbecke, CNN Business

This marks the second round of significant job cuts announced by the tech giant in four months.

The Labor Market is Simultaneously Hot and Cooling

Source: Sam Ro, Yahoo Finance

Is the market strong? Is it deteriorating? Is good news about jobs actually good? Or is it bad? The answers to all of those questions are: Yes.

Michigan Senate Votes to Real Right-To-Work Law in Victory for Organized Labor

Source: Jared Gans, The Hill

The Michigan Senate approved a bill to repeal the state’s right-to-work law that allows employees in unionized jobs to opt out of membership and paying dues in a victory for organized labor, sending the bill to the state House.

March 15, 2023

Illinois Enacts Mandatory Paid Leave ‘For Any Reason’

Source: Claire Savage, AP News

Illinois will become one of three states to require employers to offer paid time off for any reason after Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed a law that will take effect next year.

California Court Upholds Treating App-Based Drivers as Contractors

Source: Daniel Wiessner, Reuters

A California state appeals court revived a ballot measure allowing app-based services such as Uber Technologies Inc. and Lyft Inc. to treat drivers as independent contractors rather than employees, in a major victory for the industry.

62 House Democrats Call on Biden Administration to Bolster Child Labor Enforcement

Source: Stephen Neukam, The Hill

A group of 62 Democrats in the House is pressing the Biden administration to take more aggressive action to combat child labor law violations, following reports of widespread abuses at prominent U.S. companies.

March 14, 2023

Employees are Angry with CEO After Bank Collapses

Source: Matt Egan, CNN Business

The blame game is on for who caused Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse, and the tech sector is pointing the finger at SVB CEO Greg Becker for allowing his company to go down in history as the second-biggest US banking failure on record.

NYC Worker Finds Posting for Their Job – But for $90,000 More

Source: Jennifer Liu, CNBC

A New York City tech worker is going viral for learning a role with her job title was being advertised online and offering up to $90,000 more per year, thanks to a new salary transparency law in the city.

Caterpillar Union Workers Vote in Favor of Six-Year Labor Agreement

Source: Bianca Flowers and Mrinmay Day, Reuters

A union voted in favor of a new six-year labor contract with Caterpillar, preventing a strike at the world's largest maker of construction and mining equipment.

March 13, 2023

SVB Employees Received Bonuses Hours Before Bank Shutdown

Source: Ramishah Maruf, CNN Business

The US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation offered Silicon Valley Bank employees 45 days of employment and 1.5 times their salary, reports say.

Labor Force Participation is Back to Pre-Pandemic Levels

Source: Jasmine Cui, NBC News

Women are at the forefront of the recovery, according to the latest jobs data.

Peasant Wages for Lordly Feats

Source: Emily Janakiram, In These Times

Medieval Times performers strike against dismal pay and hazardous conditions.

March 10, 2023

Pentagon Unveils Cyber Workforce Strategy to Tackle Labor Shortage

Source: Ines Kagubare, The Hill

The Department of Defense released its cyber workforce strategy aimed at increasing and improving its labor force by recruiting, training and retaining the best talent.

Construction Jobs Lacking, Leads to Extreme Measures

Source: Eleanor Pringle, Fortune

Construction workers are being flown to jobs on private jets because the labor market is so tight right now.

The Number of Available Jobs in the US Shrank in January

Source: Alicia Wallace, CNN Business

There's a slight chill running through the US labor market, but the temperature is still too high for the Federal Reserve.

Starbucks Violated Worker Rights in Union Fight

Source: Dee-Ann Durbin, ABC News

A federal labor judge has ordered Starbucks to reinstate seven fired workers after finding that the company violated labor laws “hundreds of times” during a unionization campaign in Buffalo, New York.

March 9, 2023

Arkansas Gov. Sanders Signs Law Loosening Child Labor Protections

Source: Jacob Bogage, The Washington Post

The law eliminates requirements for the state to verify the age of children younger than 16 before they can take a job.

Conservative Group Wins Case Over Teachers Union's $12.5M COVID Loan

Source: Associated Press, Fox News

A conservative economic-policy group will get a $22,500 reward for blowing the whistle on a Michigan teachers union and its insurance arm.

Women's Employment Drops by 25% in Afghanistan Since Mid-2021

Source: Reuters, U.S. News

Taliban authorities have barred most girls from high school, stopped women from attending universities and most female NGO workers from working.

March 8, 2023

Meta Planning Thousands of More Cuts After Widespread Layoffs

Source: Jonathon Vanian, CNBC

The job cuts could start this week and represent an additional round of layoffs, adding to the 13% of Meta workers who were laid off as part of a major cost-cutting plan announced in November.

Unions Vow to Shut Down France’s Economy Amid Pension Battle

Source: Angela Charlton and Sylvie Corbet, PBS News

Unions are threatening to shut down France’s economy this week in what they hope is their toughest riposte yet to President Emmanuel Macron’s plan to raise the retirement age.

Job Scams Are Surprisingly Smart -- How to Avoid Them

Source: Arianne Cohen, Bloomberg

Savvy job hunters are becoming victims of increasingly personalized hoaxes. Don’t be next.

March 7, 2023

Biden's Clean Energy Factory Jobs May Elude U.S. Union Workers

Source: Nichola Groom, Reuters

President Joe Biden has pledged that fighting climate change will deliver millions of middle-class jobs with good wages to Americans with union membership cards.

Plan Pushes End to Disputes Between South Korea and Japan Over Wartime Forced Labor

Source: Associated Press, NBC News

President Joe Biden hailed the plan as new chapter of cooperation and partnership between two of the U.S.’s closest allies and said he looked forward to improving trilateral ties.

Republicans Are Pushing to Make Child Labor Easier

Source: Paul Blest, Vice

Republicans in Arkansas passed a bill that would allow children as young as 14 to work without first obtaining permission.

March 6, 2023

Paid Sick Leave: Good for Business, Study Finds

Source: Cara Murez, U.S. News

The United States is one of the few developed nations without federal paid sick leave protection, owing at least in part to concerns about potential harms to business, according to a new study.

Child Labor Investigation Reveals Immigration Policy Changes We Need Now

Source: Naureen Shah, ACLU

The New York Times uncovered how labor protections are failing migrant children — and reminds us that we need big policy solutions.

Labor Leaders Urge DNC to Spike Atlanta

Source: Sally Goldenberg, Anna Gronewold, and Eleanora Francica, Politico

With New York, Chicago and Atlanta left as finalists to host the 2024 Democratic National Convention, state and national labor leaders are pushing even harder to knock one of the contenders out of the trio.

March 3, 2023

Feds Expand Probe Into Migrant Child Labor in Slaughterhouses

Source: Julia Ainsley and Laura Strickler, NBC News

Authorities are now investigating how children from Central America wound up working for multiple slaughterhouse companies across the U.S.

How to Get Un-Fired

Source: Jenny Brown, Labor Notes

In a few days, a worker will walk back into the Queens, New York, Starbucks store he was fired from seven months ago.

Labor Judge: Starbucks Violated Worker Rights in Union Fight

Source: Dee-Ann Durbin, ABC News

A federal labor judge has ordered Starbucks to reinstate seven fired workers after finding that the company violated labor laws “hundreds of times” during a unionization campaign in Buffalo, New York.

March 2, 2023

Crew Tried to Stop Train Before Toxic Derailment, NTSB Reports

Source: Laura Clawson, Daily Kos

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) released its preliminary report on the Ohio freight train derailment involving thousands of gallons of toxic chemicals.

New Supreme Court Decision Puts Employers on Notice About Overtime

Source: Sheryl Estrada, Fortune

Every employer should review their wage and hour compliance regularly, an employment attorney says.

Anime Voice Actors Speak Out: It’s Not Kawaii When We Aren’t Paid

Source: Rohan Montgomery, In These Times

The union drive in anime dubbing.

March 1, 2023

Supreme Court Rules Helix Energy Oil Rig Worker Who Makes $200,000 is Entitled to Overtime

Source: Dan Mangan, CNBC

In a 6-3 ruling, the Supreme Court noted that the case hinged on the issue of whether Hewitt, whose job is called tool pusher, was paid on a salary basis.

Punching In: DOL Sets Goal to Get ‘Good Jobs’ to the South

Source: Rebecca Rainey and Daniel Moore, Bloomberg

Leaders of the US Labor Department say they’re focusing agency efforts on the South, noting the lack of racial protections some states provide to workers there.

Biden to Nominate Julie Su as Labor Secretary

Source: Manu Raju, Phil Mattingly, Kevin Liptak, and Maegan Vasquez, CNN

President Joe Biden will nominate Julie Su to serve as labor secretary, which would make her the first Asian American to serve in a secretary-level role in Biden’s Cabinet.

February 28, 2023

‘Old-School Union Busting’: How US Corporations are Quashing the New Wave of Organizing

Source: Steven Greenhouse, The Guardian

Victories at several companies energized organizers, but hostile corporations – and an impotent labor board – stymie negotiations.

Home Depot Plans to Spend $1 Billion to Give Raise to Hourly Workers

Source: Melissa Repko, CNBC

With the move, Home Depot becomes the latest major retailer to signal that the labor market is still tight — especially when it comes to lower-wage hourly workers.

Your Smartphone Has a Human Cost

Source: Siddharth Kara, In These Times

Cobalt Red examines the tech-fueled “modern-day slavery” in the Congo

February 27, 2023

New Rules for Severance Agreements: What You Need to Know

Source: Jeanne Sahadi, CNN Business

There have been many questions raised about the implications and reach of a recent decision by the NLRB to prohibit employers from requiring laid off workers to sign certain types of non-disparagement and confidentiality clauses if they want to receive severance.

Child Labor Violations Rise as Some States Look to Loosen Rules

Source: Kaitlyn Radde, NPR

Child labor violations had been declining for years. Then, after 2015, they started creeping back up

Game Workers Are About To Take On The Biggest Boss Fight Of All

Source: Stephen Franklin, In These Times

Long hours, stagnant wages: a look at the landslide of union interest across the industry.

February 24, 2023

Digital HR Tools and Career Development Among the Best Ways to Re-Energize Workers

Source: Mikaela Cohen, CNBC

Employee engagement, especially among millennials and Gen Z, is at the lowest point it’s been in the last decade, according to a recent poll from Gallup.

Ex-Legislator Gets 33 Months in Employment Tax Charge Case

Source: Associated Press, U.S. News

A former state lawmaker who once served as Wisconsin’s tourism secretary has been sentenced to 33 months in prison after pleading guilty to failing to pay nearly $200,000 in employment taxes.

Low Wages Linked to Higher Mortality Rate in Middle-Aged US Workers

Source: Deirdre McPhillips and Alicia Wallace, CBS News

Middle-aged workers who tend to earn a low wage have an elevated mortality risk, especially when they experience unstable employment, according to a study.

February 23, 2023

How to Deal With the Fear of Being Fired and 'Scared Productivity'

Source: Robin Madell, U.S. News

In light of the mass tech layoffs at major companies, workers may be feeling apprehensive about their jobs and turning to "scared productivity."

Your Side Hustle Is Another Sign of a Tight US Job Market

Source: Molly Smith, Bloomberg

In a country where there are still almost two open positions for every person who wants one, many are taking on side hustles to make the most of flexible working arrangements, earn some extra cash or pursue their passions.

Getting Workers Engaged and In the Office Again Takes Empathy and Experimentation

Source: Susan Caminiti, CNBC

Keeping employees motivated, engaged, and productive is top of mind for all people leaders.

February 22, 2023

Thomas Donahue, Influential Leader of Organized Labor, Dies at 94

Source: Robert D. McFadden, The New York Times

A one-time doorman and bus driver, he became an assistant secretary of labor but fell short of his goal of being elected head of the A.F.L.-C.I.O.

10 Websites That Help You Find Legit Remote Jobs

Source: Robin Madell, U.S. News

Stay away from scams and bogus job listing sites. Here's how to find real work-from-home jobs.

Artificial Intelligence is Booming – But How Will It Impact Your Career?

Source: Sophie Kiderlin, CNBC

The short answer to the question of whether AI will replace some jobs is a big, fat “yes.”

February 21, 2023

Layoffs Spread, But Some Employers Can’t Hire Fast Enough

Source: Leslie Josephs, CNBC

This is the result of wild swings in consumer priorities since the Covid pandemic began three years ago.

Elon Musk is Working for Tesla for Free -- But That Could Change

Source: Chris Isidore, CNN Business

Musk still has the potential to continue pulling in staggering sums of money, thanks to Tesla, but not in the way that his regular workers make their money.

U.S. Company Employed Children to Clean Razor-Sharp Saws Using Hazardous Chemicals

Source: Ramishah Maruf, CNN Business

A major US food sanitation company illegally employed at least 102 children between the ages of 13 and 17 in jobs that had them using caustic chemicals to clean razor-sharp saws.

February 20, 2023

Federal Investigation Finds Over 100 Children Illegally Employed for Hazardous Jobs

Source: Staff, U.S. Department of Labor

Packers Sanitation Services Inc. employed minors to use caustic chemicals to clean razor-sharp saws, other high-risk equipment at 13 meat processing facilities in 8 states.

'Childcare Costs are Pricing Me Out of the Job Market'

Source: Marcella Whittingdale and Flaminia Luck, BBC News

The UK is among the most expensive countries for childcare in the world.

High Income Earners Get Creative to Fight Inflation

Source: Rob Wile, NBC News

These high-income earners are moving back into their childhood bedrooms and putting off vacations as inflation drags on.

February 17, 2023

Progressives Push Biden to Choose Worker-Friendly Labor Secretary

Source: Hannah Trudo, The Hill

Progressives want “middle class Joe Biden” to find a worker-friendly Labor Secretary to replace Marty Walsh — but it may take some elbow grease to get there.

UPS Cutting Back on Some Jobs as Teamster Labor Talks Loom

Source: Lisa Baertlein, Reuters

With the move, UPS joins rival FedEx and other major transportation companies in trimming jobs as the early pandemic's e-commerce shipping boom fizzles.

One-Way Busloads to Canada Add to Urgency of Border Policy Revamp

Source: Joe Anuta and Maura Forrest, Politico

Mayor Eric Adams denies New York is playing travel agent in movement of asylum seekers.

February 16, 2023

Is AI Coming for Your Job? ChatGPT Renews Fears

Source: Max Zahn, ABC News

AI adoption has surged but the job market is tight. What does it mean?

The Laws Employers Break Most Often

Source: Megan Liscomb, Buzzfeed

An employment lawyer shared the most frequent legal violations she encounters by companies and employers.

Paving The Way For Diversity In America’s Evolving Employment Market

Source: Rob Berger, Forbes

The unemployment rate for people with disabilities is more than double those without.

February 15, 2023

News Corp Plans Job Cuts, Misses Estimates for Earnings

Source: Chavi Mehta, Helen Coster, and Dawn Chmielewski, Reuters

News Corp said that it would cut 5% of its workforce, or 1,250 jobs.

Indian Railways: The Job-Seekers Tricked Into Counting Trains

Source: Staff, BBC News

Police in India's capital Delhi are investigating a complaint about a job fraud in which around 28 men were tricked into counting trains for days.

Women are Driving the Labor Market’s Post-Pandemic Recovery

Source: Brian Cheung, NBC News

Labor-force participation among women in their prime working years returned to pre-pandemic levels in January, but the gains haven’t been spread evenly.

February 14, 2023

Tesla Workers Trying to Form Union at Buffalo Facility

Source: Reuters, CNN Business

Tesla workers in New York said on Tuesday they will launch a campaign to form a union, setting stage for the latest labor challenge for Chief Executive Elon Musk.

Starbucks Illegally Threatened and Punished Activists, US Labor Board Rules

Source: Josh Eidelson, Yahoo News

The dispute involves workplace activism in 2019, before the launch of the current Starbucks Workers United campaign which has reached hundreds of the company’s US cafes.

Amazon Tried to Coerce NYC Staff With Subpoenas, Labor Officials Say

Source: Josh Eidelson, Bloomberg

Amazon is trying to overturn union victory in Staten Island.

February 13, 2023

Estimate of Misspent Covid Unemployment Payments Leaps to $191B

Source: Nick Niedzwiadek, Politico

Federal officials acknowledge that they cannot precisely identify how much federal aid was wrongfully sent out.

‘It’s Just Crazy’: Republicans Attack US Child Labor Laws as Violations Rise

Source: Michael Sainato, The Guardian

Changes lawmakers are seeking, such as expanding types of approved work, will potentially ‘put kids in dangerous situations.’

In Mexico, US Complaints Help Union Organizing Efforts

Source: Mark Stevenson, ABC News

It has been nearly two years since the United States began pressing Mexico over labor rights violations, by using rapid dispute resolution methods contained in the U.S.-Mexico Canada free trade agreement.

February 10, 2023

The 3 Trends Shaping the U.S. Labor Market in 2023

Source: Sania Khan, Fast Company

Why hiring and growth peak in a recession -- and strategies for adapting.

Just 2 in 10 U.S. Employees Have a ‘Best Friend’ at Work, Survey Finds

Source: Associated Press, KTAL

The percentage under age 35 dropped by 3 points when compared to pre-pandemic 2019, to 21% from 24%.

Immigration Rebound Eases Shortage of Workers, Up to a Point

Source: Lydia DePillis, The New York Times

While the Biden administration has accelerated processing after Trump-era restrictions and a pandemic slowdown, visa backlogs remain large.

February 9, 2023

Disney Cuts Simpsons ‘Forced Labor’ Episode in Hong Kong

Source: Staff, AP News

Walt Disney Co. has removed an episode from cartoon series The Simpsons that included a reference to “forced labor camps” in China from its streaming service in Hong Kong.

Labor Secretary Marty Walsh Expected to Leave Biden Administration

Source: Phil Mattingly, Kevin Liptak, and Shawna Mizelle, CNN

Walsh marks the first Cabinet secretary departure of President Joe Biden’s presidency. Walsh has been offered a job heading the NHL’s Players’ Association.

California dialysis clinic workers push to unionize over short-staffing and low pay

Source: Michael Sainato , The Guardian

Employees say they want to improve both working conditions and patient care but ‘the companies are not doing anything.’

February 8, 2023

White House Struggles to Explain the Fate of Title 42

Source: Myah Ward, Politico

Ahead of the State of the Union, the White House is finding it difficult to clarify the status of the policy being used to curb immigration.

Lawyers for U.S., Navy Seals Battle Over Revoked Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate

Source: Josh Gerstein, Politico

5th Circuit hears arguments on whether to wipe out injunctions against policy Congress overturned last year over Biden's objection.

Side Hustles Are Twice as Common as US Jobs Data Suggest, Survey Finds

Source: Alexandre Tanzi, Bloomberg

Side hustles are twice as prevalent as government data suggests, indicating that more Americans need to work multiple jobs to make ends meet amid historically high inflation.

February 7, 2023

Employment Seekers From Around US Attracted to Florida Jobs

Source: Jacqueline Quynh, CNBC

Florida is now the state with the third most number of new jobs. It overtook New York last December.

U.S. Reports Blowout Job Growth; Unemployment Lowest Since 1969

Source: Lucia Mutikani, Reuters

U.S. job growth accelerated sharply in January while the unemployment rate hit more than a 53-1/2-year low of 3.4%.

How the U.S. Labor Market Went From ‘Quiet Quitting’ to ‘Quiet Hiring’

Source: Anuz Thapa, CNBC

Remember ‘quiet quitting?’ Well, that was 2022. This year there’s a new vogue practice — “quiet hiring.”

February 6, 2023

Disney World Union Members Reject Contract Offer

Source: Chris Isidore and Vannessa Yurkevich, CNN

Unionized workers at Disney World have rejected a contract proposal from the company that would have given them at least a $1 an hour raise each year over the five-year life of the rejected offer.

Apple has Infringed on Worker Rights, NLRB Investigators Say

Source: Brian Fung, CNN

Apple has illegally imposed rules on its employees that prohibit them from discussing their wages and engaging in other protected activity, according to investigators at the National Labor Relations Board.

US Adds Stunning 517K Jobs to Start 2023

Source: Tobias Burns, The Hill

The U.S. labor market clocked a shockingly strong month in January, adding 517,000 jobs and dipping down to 3.4 percent unemployment, according to data released Friday by the Labor Department.

February 3, 2023

Non-Compete Agreement Leaves Workers Homeless and Jobless

Source: Luis Feliz Leon, Labor Notes

A 2021 study found that 38 percent of workers have had to sign a non-compete agreement at some point.

Astonishingly Strong US Jobs Report Sends Stocks Wavering

Source: Paul R. La Monica, CNN Business

The US job market blew past expectations, adding an astonishing 517,000 jobs in January. America's unemployment rate fell to 3.4% in January, the lowest since before the 1969 moon landing.

Offices are Over 50% Filled for First Time Since Pandemic Started

Source: Jordan Valinsky, CNN Business

Nearly three years after the pandemic began, American offices are finally more than halfway filled again as workers have gradually returned to the office.

February 2, 2023

The American Dream Costs More Than $29,000 Per Year

Source: Liz Mineo, The Harvard Gazette

U.S. labor practices run deeper than one company.

Salary-Range Requirements in Job Ads Spread Quickly Across US

Source: Jeff Greene, Bloomberg

At least nine cities and states are proposing new measures to disclose salary ranges in job listings

PayPal Will Lay Off 2,000 Workers, or 7% of Staff

Source: Catherine Thorbecke, CNN Business

Much of the tech industry is cutting costs in response to a shift in pandemic-fueled demand for digital services and economic headwinds, including rising interest rates and fears of a looming recession

February 1, 2023

How Corporate America is Hitting Back Against Unions

Source: Michael Sainato, The Guardian

Employers are using heavy-handed tactics to prevent workers from organizing, and US labor union density is falling as a result.

A Key Measure of Wages Showed Moderation at the End of 2022

Source: Jeanna Smialek, The New York Times

The Employment Cost Index, which Federal Reserve officials watch closely as a gauge of pay trends, is picking up more slowly.

Facing a Stigma, Many Ex-Convicts in the U.S. Struggle to Find Work

Source: Ariana Freeman and Jan Crawford, CBS News

Nearly 80 million Americans, or about one-third of the total U.S. adult population, are living with some kind of criminal record.

January 31, 2023

How Much Is an Ivy League Degree Worth?

Source: Cole Claybourn, U.S. News

Much of the value comes from networking, experts say.

Apple Executives Violated Worker Rights, Labor Officials Say

Source: Josh Eidelson, Bloomberg

Labor officials say Apple’s rules ‘restrain or coerce’ employees.

U.S. Labor Cost Growth Smallest in a Year

Source: Lucia Mutikani, Reuters

U.S. labor costs increased at their slowest pace in a year in the fourth quarter as wage growth slowed, giving the Federal Reserve a boost in its fight against inflation.

January 30, 2023

Union Members are Poised to Reject Disney World Contact Offer

Source: Chris Isidore and Vanessa Yurkevich, CNN Business

About 32,000 Disney employees will be voting on a contract offer from management.

Jobs Report to Hint at Where Economy is Headed

Source: Paul R. La Monica, CNN Business

The Fed’s actions beyond this week’s meeting will depend primarily on whether inflation is truly slowing.

Rise in Immigration Could Aid Labor Shortage

Source: Jason Lalljee and Madison Hoff, Business Insider

Census Bureau data shows that US immigration is bouncing back from its decline over the last few years.

January 27, 2023

Industries Most Likely to See Layoffs and How to Save Your Job

Source: Hal M. Bundrick, NerdWallet

Money News & Moves: As layoffs escalate, these are the jobs most at risk — and how to protect yours.

How Did COVID Reshape the Labor Markets?

Source: John Blank, Yahoo Finance

What happened to the U.S. labor market during the Covid Era?

America’s Coming Demographic Crisis Is Bad News for Employers

Source: Stephanie Flanders and Michael Sasso, Bloomberg

A tight labor market that’s getting tighter and falling birth rates spell trouble for the world’s largest economy.

January 26, 2023

Companies Cut Temp Workers in Warning Sign for Labor Market

Source: Sarah Chaney Cambon, Wall Street Journal

Employment through staffing firms has fallen for five straight months; similar pullbacks have preceded recent recessions.

Amazon Warehouse Workers Walk Out in First UK Strike

Source: Julia Horowitz, CNN

Amazon workers at a warehouse in central England went on strike Wednesday, the first time employees of the US tech giant have walked out in the country.

DOL’s Wage Arm Vows Child Labor Focus Despite No Rule Changes

Source: Rebecca Rainey, Bloomberg Law

Democrats and safety organizations want the US Labor Department to further its child labor enforcement, but the Biden administration says it doesn’t have the rulemaking bandwidth needed.

January 25, 2023

Union membership dropped to record low in 2022

Source: Eleanor Mueller, Politico

The decline comes despite the highest union approval rate in decades and a pro-union administration.

Walmart's U.S. Workers to Get Pay Raises Next Month

Source: Staff, CBS News

The competition for low-wage retail workers remains fierce even as companies scale back on hiring, amid a lingering labor shortage.

Forced Labor & Rebuilding After Natural Disasters In The U.S.

Source: NPR Staff, NPR

After Hurricane Katrina in 2006, hundreds of workers from India were promised jobs and green cards in what labor organizer Saket Soni calls "one of the largest cases of forced labor in modern U.S. history."

January 24, 2023

Spotify Cuts 6% of Its Workforce

Source: Ryan Browne, CNBC

Spotify sent an internal memo to staff announcing plans to lay off 6% of its workforce, or about 600 employees.

Google Axes 12,000 Jobs as Layoffs Spread Across Tech Sector

Source: Associated Press, U.S. News

Google is laying off 12,000 workers, becoming the latest tech company to trim staff as the economic boom that the industry rode during the COVID-19 pandemic ebbs.

Nearly 20% of US Firms Expect to Reduce Headcount, Survey Shows

Source: Reade Pickert, Bloomberg

A new survey of business economists suggests US job market conditions are beginning to soften, with firms indicating an easing of labor shortages and a pullback in hiring expectations.

January 23, 2023

Google is Delaying a Portion of Employee Bonus Checks

Source: Jennifer Elias, CNBC

Google normally pays full bonuses in January, but this year the company is pushing out 20% of payments to employees until at least March.

How the Debt Ceiling Drama Affects the U.S. Economy

Source: Alicia Wallace, CNN Business

After the United States hit its debt ceiling on Thursday, the Treasury Department is now undertaking “extraordinary measures” to keep paying the government’s bills.

Business Anxiety Rises With Labor Department Green Card Delays

Source: Andrew Kreighbaum, Bloomberg Law

The Labor Department is attracting new scrutiny from immigrant workers and their employers as wait times grow during the agency’s role in the employment-based visa approval process.

January 20, 2023

Apple Reaches Deal With Investors to Audit Its Labor Practices

Source: Noam Scheiber, The New York Times

The tech giant will assess its compliance with its official human rights policy, according to a federal filing.

Netflix Offers Up to $385,000 for Flight Attendant

Source: Annabelle Liang, BBC News

Netflix is hiring a flight attendant for one of its private jets - with the successful applicant being paid as much as $385,000 per year.

Microsoft Plans to Cut Thousands of Jobs

Source: Megan Cerullo, CBS News

Microsoft is planning to cut thousands of jobs in the latest workforce cull by a major technology company as the economy slows, according to a report.

January 19, 2023

Job Market’s 2.6 Million Missing People Unnerves Star Harvard Economist

Source: Ben Steverman, Bloomberg

New research from Raj Chetty pinpoints a lasting economic scar from the pandemic: Low-wage workers in high-cost areas aren’t returning to the labor force.

US Labor Department Accuses Amazon of Failing to Keep Warehouse Workers Safe

Source: Catherine Thorbecke, CNN

Amazon has been accused by federal safety regulators of failing to keep warehouse workers safe from workplace hazards at three US facilities.

The Supreme Court Could Gut the Right to Strike

Source: C.M. Lewis, In These Times

C.M. Lewis interviews labor researcher Kate Bronfenbrenner about a case that could have widespread implications for unions across the country.

January 18, 2023

How Restaurant Workers Help Pay for Lobbying to Keep Their Wages Low

Source: David Fahrenthold and Talmon Joseph Smith, The New York Times

The National Restaurant Association uses mandatory $15 food-safety classes to turn waiters and cooks into unwitting funders of its battle against minimum wage increases.

US Job Openings Historically High — and There’s No ‘Quick Fix’

Source: Kristen Altus, Yahoo Finance

As many businesses still struggle to fill job openings despite millions of available positions nationwide, more experts are adding to the argument that the Great Resignation isn’t over quite yet.

DHS Helps ‘Noncitizen Workers’ Avoid Deportation When Reporting Labor Violations

Source: Peter Kasperowicz, Fox News

DHS streamlined the process of applying for 'deferred action.’

January 17, 2023

Supreme Court Takes Up Christian Postal Worker's Religious Claim

Source: Lawrence Hurley, NBC News

The employee, who objected to working on Sundays for religious reasons, claims the U.S. Postal Service did not do enough to accommodate his wishes.

Some Workers at U.S. Hospital Giant HCA Say It Puts Profits Above Patient Care

Source: Gretchen Morgenson, Natalie Jiminez Peel, and Cynthia McFadden, NBC News

A union study found HCA’s staffing levels were below the average for other hospitals in 19 of the 20 states where it provided care in 2020.

Big U.S. Banks Continue to Add Jobs as Goldman Sachs Cuts Staff

Source: Saeed Azhar and Niket Nishant, Reuters

The chief financial officers of the two biggest U.S. banks said they would hire selectively despite waning economic growth.

January 16, 2023

Apple’s First US Labor Union Reaches New Milestone for Tech Industry

Source: Catherine Thorbecke, CNN

Workers at Apple’s first unionized retail store began collectively bargaining with management, in a milestone moment not only for the iPhone company but for all of Big Tech.

Amazon Workers' Union Victory Upheld by U.S. Labor Board Director

Source: Jeffrey Dastin, Reuters

A U.S. labor board director has upheld Amazon.com Inc (AMZN.O) workers' landmark union victory at a warehouse in New York, bringing the online retailer closer to having to bargain with staff on a contract.

Growing Antisemitism in the US Is Seeping Into the Workplace

Source: Arianne Cohen, Bloomberg

It’s not just high-profile incidents. Jewish workers say they’re experiencing more overt discrimination.

January 13, 2023

The Difference Between a 'Minimum Wage' and 'Living Wage‘

Source: Max Zahn, ABC News

Near-historic inflation has drawn attention to the cost of affording the basics.

U.S. Labor Force is Working Less — That May Not be a Bad Thing

Source: Megan Leonhardt, Yahoo News

If it feels like it’s been years of “Now Hiring” signs dotting storefronts and slower service as a result of the ubiquitous staffing shortages, that’s because it has.

What a Ban on Non-Competes Could Mean for American Workers

Source: Isaac Chotiner, The New Yorker

Companies often prevent employees from joining rivals. The Biden Administration wants that to end.

January 12, 2023

Supreme Court Hearing to Focus on Suits Over Damage From Strikes

Source: Robert Iafolla, Bloomberg Law

A company's sought relief from the Supreme Court would chill organized labor’s use of a key tactic to gain leverage over management.

U.S. Small-Business Sentiment Skids to Half-Year Low

Source: Staff, Yahoo Finance

U.S. small-business confidence slid to a six-month low in December, according to a survey on Tuesday, which also showed that inflation and worker shortages remained major issues for firm owners.

U.S. Banks Prepare for Shrinking Profits and a Recession

Source: Saeed Azhar, Niket Nishant, Lananh Nguyen, Reuters

U.S. banking giants are forecast to report lower fourth quarter profits this week as lenders stockpile rainy-day funds to prepare for an economic slowdown that is battering investment banking.

January 11, 2023

U.S. Jobs Report Breathes Life Into Fed's 'Soft Landing' Scenario

Source: Howard Schneider and Ann Saphir, Reuters

A jump in the workforce and easing wage growth suggests the U.S. job market is starting to move the way the Federal Reserve has hoped it will.

Labor Leaders Zoom in on Tech’s Effect on Workers During Summit

Source: Levi Sumagaysay, Morningstar

Labor leaders converged in Las Vegas last week -- while the CES tech conference was going on -- for a summit that centered on workers, and how technology affects them and their livelihoods.

The Supreme Court Case That Has Unions On Edge

Source: Nick Niedzwiadek, Politico

The Supreme Court is set to hear oral arguments in a case that is being closely watched by labor unions.

January 10, 2023

Amazon to Cut Over 18,000 Jobs

Source: Jordan Novet, CNBC

Amazon, one of the largest employers in the U.S., is scaling back more than it had anticipated.

US Farmers Win Right to Repair John Deere Equipment

Source: Monica Miller, BBC News

Tractor maker John Deere has agreed to give its US customers the right to fix their own equipment.

Cooler Hiring and Milder Pay Gains Could Aid Inflation Fight

Source: Associated Press, Politico

The December job growth, though a decent gain, amounted to the lowest monthly increase in two years.

January 9, 2023

U.S. Labor Market Powers Ahead, But Wage Growth Loses Steam

Source: Lucia Mutikani, Reuters

The labor market remains tight, but Federal Reserve officials could draw some solace from a moderation in wage gains.

U.S. Moves to Bar Noncompete Agreements in Labor Contracts

Source: Noam Scheiber, The New York Times

A sweeping proposal by the Federal Trade Commission would block companies from limiting their employees’ ability to work for a rival.

Job Market Healthy But Slowing Down with Recession Fears

Source: Scott Horsley, NPR

The U.S. job market closed out 2022 on a high note.

January 6, 2023

The Most Stressful Job in the U.S. Pays $208,000 Per Year

Source: Gili Malinsky, CNBC

The Occupational Information Network, or O*NET, part of the Department or Labor, ranked 873 of the most stressful jobs.

US Job Openings Stayed High in Sign of Economic Resilience

Source: Christopher Rugaber, ABC News

U.S. job openings slipped in November but remained at high suggesting businesses are still determined to add workers, a blow to the Federal Reserve’s efforts to cool hiring and wage gains.

Black America’s Record Employment Gains at Risk as Fed Tightens Rates

Source: Taylor Nicole Rogers, Caitlin Gilbert, and Colby Smith, Financial Times

Central bank’s fight against inflation will raise unemployment in ways that could weigh heavily on workers of color.

January 5, 2023

Job Market Data Will Usher in the New Year’s Economic News

Source: Tim Smart, U.S. News

The final monthly jobs numbers for 2022 highlights a week filled with reports on the labor market.

U.S. labor market remains tight; manufacturing slumps further

Source: Lucia Mutikani, Reuters

The tight labor market could see the Federal Reserve boosting interest rates to a higher level than currently anticipated to tame inflation.

Former Apple Lawyer Claims to be Fired for Reporting Death Threats

Source: Sindhu Sundar, Business Insider

A former lawyer at Apple sued the tech company claiming she suffered harassment and discrimination.

January 4, 2023

Are Bosses Offering More Pay to Keep Employees?

Source: Tami Luhby, CNN

Workers who stick with the same employers are enjoying the biggest raises in nearly a quarter century.

Microsoft Recognizes Its First U.S. Labor Union as Video Game Testers Organize

Source: Staff, CBS News

A group of video game testers is forming Microsoft's first labor union in the U.S., which will also be the largest in the video game industry.

January 3, 2023

Starbucks Illegally Terminated Union Leader, US Officials Say

Source: Josh Eidelson, Bloomberg

US labor board prosecutors have concluded that Starbucks Corp. illegally forced out a New York barista who has been a key architect of the union campaign that swept through hundreds of its cafes this year.

How Layoff News Is Hiding a Hot Job Market

Source: Sabrina Tavernise, The New York Times

American tech companies have been shedding jobs, raising worries about a broader ripple effect.

Jobs Data, Fed Minutes, And a Fresh Start for Investors

Source: Alexandra Semenova , Yahoo Finance

The December jobs report and details from the Federal Reserve’s last policy meeting of 2022 will headline a short opening week of 2023 for investors as Wall Street limps into a new year after its worst run since the Global Financial Crisis.

Biggest Contracts Expiring in 2023

Source: Dan DiMaggio, Labor Notes

Negotiations will take place in 2023 for some of the biggest contracts in the labor movement, including at UPS and the Big Three automakers.

January 2, 2023

See Your State's Total Job Openings

Source: Julia Haines, U.S. News

The latest job opening figures by state shed light on the status of the labor market.

2023 Predictions: Is the U.S. Economy Headed for a Recession?

Source: Art Raymond, Deseret News

Inflation ran at or near 40-year highs in 2022. It’s now on the decline — but can the U.S. escape a recession in 2023?

Tesla Illegally Told Staff to Not Discuss Pay or Working Conditions, NLRB Alleges

Source: Josh Eidelson , Bloomberg

Tesla Inc. illegally coerced Florida employees by restricting them from discussing workplace issues, US labor board prosecutors alleged in a complaint.

December 30, 2022

Southwest Airlines Vows Refunds After Mass Cancellations

Source: Victoria Bekiempis, The Guardian

Southwest Airlines has promised to refund tickets and reimburse passengers for hotels, car rentals and other expenses after its mass cancellations left thousands of people stranded across the country.

Union Elections Up in 2022

Source: Andrea Hsu and Alina Selyukh, NPR

This year, a rare burst of union momentum produced some major victories – along with some losses and significant fights with employers.

Jobless Benefits Rolls Grow But U.S. Labor Market Remains Resilient

Source: Dan Burns, Reuters

The number of Americans filing new claims for unemployment benefits edged higher last week.

December 29, 2022

Appeals Court Restores N. Carolina Law Addressing Farm Labor

Source: Associated Press, U.S. News

A federal appeals court has restored a provision in a 2017 North Carolina agriculture law that prevents legal settlements between farms and workers from requiring a farm operation to become an expressly union employer.

Starbucks Illegally Refused Union Contract Talks at 21 Cafes

Source: Josh Eidelson, Bloomberg

Union has more pending complaints regarding other locations.

The Top 10 Recession-Proof Jobs for 2023

Source: Kristopher Brooks, CBS News

Despite the looming risk of a recession, not all jobs are vulnerable to a possible downturn.

December 28, 2022

Key Biden Administration Labor Policies Will Face Legal Challenges in 2023

Source: Daniel Wiessner, Insurance Journal

The Biden administration and a Democrat-led U.S. labor board will implement a series of major employment policies in 2023 but could be stymied by challenges from business groups and Republican-led states that have criticized the measures.

Retirees Are One Reason the Fed Has Given Up on a Big Worker Rebound

Source: Jeanna Smialek and Ben Casselman, The New York Times

Workers are in short supply three years into the pandemic job market rebound, and officials increasingly think they aren’t coming back.

Reuters Agrees to Wage Boost, Work From Home in Labor Deal

Source: Josh Eidelson, Bloomberg

Thomson Reuters Corp. reached a tentative contract agreement with its unionized US journalists, including pay raises and terms that let most employees work from home three days a week next year.

December 27, 2022

To Predict Which Companies Will Survive a Recession, Ask Their Employees

Source: Laura Wronski, CNBC

Most workers describe their morale as positive and believe their companies are prepared to survive a recession, according to new data.

What Is a Bait and Switch Interview?

Source: Robin Madell, U.S. News

Whether you call it a proxy interview, fake interview or bait and switch job interview, the practice of misrepresenting who you are during an interview is a form of interview fraud.

How High Did US Inflation Get This Year and Where Is It Headed in 2023?

Source: Lauren Aratani, The Guardian

Inflation soared in 2022 amid Covid-19, the war in Ukraine and a broken supply chain – but here’s what we can expect next.

December 26, 2022

Spending Bill Could Change How Americans Save for Retirement

Source: Rob Wile, NBC News

New legislation working its way through Congress could improve retirement security for U.S. workers.

Crumbl Cookies in Twin Cities Fined for Violating Child Labor Laws

Source: WCCO Staff, CBS News

A popular cookie chain is in trouble after 11 of its bakeries were found to be in violation of child labor laws--including one in the Twin Cities.

Car Manufacturers Questioned About Forced Labor

Source: Lauren Feiner, CNBC

A law banning imports from the Xinjiang region in China says the importer must give convincing evidence forced labor was not involved in manufacturing.

December 23, 2022

Amazon and Starbucks Workers Led a Union Resurgence in 2022. Will it Last?

Source: Max Zahn, ABC News

High-profile labor victories made history but momentum proved hard to sustain.

Fear of Being Laid Off and Struggling to Find a Job

Source: Eric Rosenbaum, CNBC

Remote workers are the most likely in the U.S. labor force to worry about being laid off and struggling to find a new job quickly, according to a CNBC Momentive Workforce Survey.

America Needs Immigrants to Solve its Labor Shortage

Source: Vanessa Yurkevich, CNN Business

If you’re wondering why America’s labor shortage persists nearly three years into the Covid pandemic, it’s in part because America doesn’t have enough immigrants.

December 22, 2022

Strong U.S. Labor Market: Economic Armor - Or Achilles Heel?

Source: Jeffrey Schulze, Forbes

Job creation over the last four months averaged 277,000, substantially stronger than the 156,000 average from the second half of 2018 and 2019.

Early Benchmarking of US Labor Data Surprises Some Job Watchers

Source: Alexandre Tanzi, Bloomberg

The government’s annual revision in early February to US payrolls figures will garner more attention than usual after early benchmarking work suggested substantially weaker job growth in 2022 than official figures suggest.

Amazon Warehouse Where Six Workers Died is Being Rebuilt Without a Storm Shelter

Source: Laura Clawson, Daily Kos

Six people were killed last December when a tornado hit an Amazon warehouse, causing part of the building to collapse. Now, a year later, the warehouse is almost rebuilt … and it won't have a storm shelter.

December 21, 2022

Student Athletes Should Be Classified As Employees, Labor Cop Says

Source: Nick Wiedziadek, Politico

The National Collegiate Athletic Association is breaking federal law by not classifying student athletes as employees, according to the National Labor Relations Board.

How Layoff News Is Hiding a Hot Job Market

Source: Sabrina Tavernise, The New York Times

American tech companies have been shedding jobs, raising worries about a broader ripple effect.

Architecture’s Labor Movement Roared Back to Life

Source: Niall Patrick Walsh, Archinect News

In any future analysis of architectural workplace conditions, the impact of 2022 cannot be understated.

December 20, 2022

Starbucks Set for Walkouts in US Over Unionization

Source: Staff, BBC News

Starbucks is facing a three-day strike in the US, as workers engage in a bitter battle with the coffee giant over joining unions.

Despite Job Gains, Worker Shortage Remains a ‘Challenge’

Source: CBIA staff, CBIA

Connecticut added 6,200 jobs in November, led by major gains in the government sector, although the worker shortage continued to challenge employers.

Punching In: Worker Rights, IC Enforcement Close DOL’s Year

Source: Rebecca Rainey and Diego Areas Munhoz, Bloomberg Law

Morning musings for workplace watchers.

December 19, 2022

Union Files US Labor Board Complaint Against Apple, Alleges Anti-Union Actions

Source: CNET

The Communications Workers of America is escalating its complaints to the National Labor Relations Board.

NCAA Found to Have Violated Labor Rights of Student Athletes

Source: Josh Eidelson, Bloomberg

Case could open path to let college athletes vote to unionize.

Strong U.S. Labor Market: Economic Armor - Or Achilles Heel?

Source: Jeffrey Schulze, Forbes

Job creation over the last four months averaged 277,000, substantially stronger than the 156,000 average from the second half of 2018 and 2019.

December 16, 2022

Nearly Half of U.S. Workers Plan to Look for a New Position in the New Year

Source: Robert Half LLC, PR Newswire

Robert Half research points to increased job optimism and more voluntary quits despite economic uncertainty.

How the Green Transition Will Impact US Jobs

Source: Katharina Bergant, Rui Mano, and Ippei Shibata, IMF

Supporting affected workers through transfers, tax breaks, and training would ease the shift in the labor force.

How And Why The Freelance Workforce Is Setting New Records

Source: Edward Segal, Forbes

The freelance workforce in the U.S. continues to expand, playing a more significant role in the economy and changing the face of the labor pool.

December 15, 2022

Here's Why Salaries in the U.S. Don’t Keep Up with Inflation

Source: Emily Lorsch, CNBC

Wage growth has been consistent with an inflation rate of about 4.5%. Meanwhile, as of November, inflation was at 7.1%.

Key Union Organizing Tactic Backed by U.S. Labor Board

Source: Daniel Weissner, Yahoo Finance

The agency that enforces U.S. labor laws made it easier for unions to organize small groups of a company's workforce.

Michelle Eisen & Chris Smalls, Labor’s New Names

Source: Matt Day and Dina Bass, Bloomberg

Eisen played a key role in unionizing about 200 stores across the US, while Smalls led the first successful unionization effort at Amazon.com in April, when he organized 8,000 employees at a warehouse in New York City.

December 14, 2022

What the Pro-Business Tax Agenda is Chasing in a Changing Congress

Source: Cheryl Munk, CNBC

Main Street could find itself stuck in gridlock next year in terms of advancing pro-business tax objectives.

Carvana: Yahoo Finance's Worst Company of the Year

Source: Rick Newman, Yahoo Finance

Here are the 10 worst stocks in our poll, along with their 2022 stock performance through December

A Diminished US Workforce Could Lead Fed to Keep Rates High

Source: Associated Press, U.S. News

Still eager to hire, America’s employers are posting more job openings than they did before the pandemic struck 2½ years ago. Problem is, there aren’t enough applicants.

December 13, 2022

How Millions of Missing Workers are Making Do Without a Job

Source: Max Zahn, The Guardian

The lack of workers risks worsening inflation, which could trigger a recession.

Concern as US Media Hit with Wave of Layoffs Amid Rise of Disinformation

Source: Lauren Aratani, The Guardian

Wider economic uncertainty is behind cuts at companies including CNN, BuzzFeed and Gannett, executives say.

Tech Layoffs in U.S. Send Foreign Workers Scrambling to Find New Jobs

Source: Miriam Jordan, The New York Times

Workers on visas, many of them waiting years for green cards, now face having to leave the country unless they get hired within 60 days.

December 12, 2022

Thousands of Workers at 15 U.S. Airports Rally for Better Working Conditions

Source: NBC News, Rob Wile

Airport workers across the country rallied and walked off the job to draw attention to their current working conditions and legislation that could improve them.

Why Have so Many American Men Given Up On Work?

Source: Megan Cerullo, CBS News

Many men in the U.S. leave the labor force when their earnings decline compared with their better-paid peers, new research shows.

The 10 Most Stressful Jobs in the US: Judges, Retail Among the Top

Source: Natalie Alund, USA Today

Whether it's tight deadlines, long hours or life-or-death situations, every job has its share of stress – though some have more than others.

December 9, 2022

Video Game Workers at Microsoft and Activision Take Steps to Unionize

Source: Noam Scheiber and Kellen Browning, The New York Times

Microsoft has remained neutral during a labor organizing bid as the Xbox maker seeks regulatory approval for its Activision acquisition.

Rail Workers Warn of Exodus After Congress Forces Through Deal

Source: Karl Evers-Hillstrom, The Hill

Railroad workers could leave the industry after Congress forced through a contract that does not provide them any paid sick days, an exodus that would ripple through an economy reliant on freight railroads to transport goods.

Service Workers Left in the Church as Americans Cut Back on Tipping

Source: Wilfred Chan, The Guardian

With lockdowns over and inflation rising, tips are shrinking in industries that depend on them – from gig work to restaurants.

December 8, 2022

Intel Begins Layoffs and Offers Unpaid Leave

Source: Levi Sumagaysay, Market Watch

The layoffs and cost-cutting that Intel Corp. executives recently warned about have begun in California, with a couple of hundred employees set to lose their jobs next month, and manufacturing employees worldwide being offered unpaid leave.

Remote Jobs are Drying Up Despite Worker Preference

Source: Megan Cerullo, CBS News

Many Americans still say they prefer to work from home, but not as many employers are as enamored with remote work as they used to be.

The 10 Countries with the Least Paid Vacation — the U.S. is No. 2

Source: Ashton Jackson , CNBC

Paid vacation days are essential to promoting healthy work-life balance among professionals. But according to a new report from Resume.io, a career resource platform, American workers aren’t getting enough of them.

December 7, 2022

US McDonald’s Franchisees Fined for Making Children Work Excessive Hours

Source: Gloria Oladipo, The Guardian

John and Kathleen Santonastasso of Bridgeville, Pennsylvania, ordered to pay $57,332 after violating child labor laws.

If There Is a ‘Male Malaise’ With Work, Could One Answer Be at Sea?

Source: Talmon Joseph Smith, The New York Times

As concerns about labor force participation among American men mount, maritime transportation firms are desperate for new mariners.

CEO Economic Outlook Tumbles to Two-Year Low

Source: Matt Egan, CNN Business

Slower hiring. Weaker spending. And softer growth. That’s what America’s CEOs are bracing for as the economy heads into 2023 facing a series of obstacles.

December 6, 2022

How an Arcane 96-Year-Old Law Stopped the Rail Strike

Source: Chris Isidore, CNN

Thanks to a nearly century-old law that regulates labor relations only when it comes to railroads and airlines, what otherwise would be strictly an economic issue became a political one.

CNN Lays Off Hundreds of Staffers After Business Review

Source: Alex Sherman , CNBC

CNN laid off hundreds of staffers as part of a broader Warner Bros. Discovery effort to cut costs.

Starbucks Illegally Refused to Negotiate With Union, US Labor Board Rules

Source: Josh Eidelson , Bloomberg

Company broke law in refusing to bargain with union, NLRB says.

December 5, 2022

Tech Layoffs May Not be a Bad Omen for U.S. Economy at Large

Source: Greg Iacurci, CNBC

Data suggests the pain hasn’t spread to the U.S. labor market more broadly, according to economists.

US Labor Chief Says Poor Immigration Policy is 'Biggest Threat' to Economy

Source: Madeline Coggins, Fox Business

On the heels of the November jobs report, Labor Secretary Marty Walsh warned of the "biggest threat to the U.S. economy."

U.S. Gained 263,000 Jobs — Good News for Workers, But Not the Fed

Source: Scott Horsley, NPR

"The labor market remains far too hot for the Fed's liking," Wells Fargo economists Sarah House and Michael Pugliese wrote in a research note.

December 2, 2022

U.S. Jobless Claims Fell Last Week, Showing Solid Labor Market

Source: Bryan Mena, Wall Street Journal

Proxy for layoffs consistent with low unemployment despite signs of broader slowdown

Despite High-Profile Layoffs, Most Workers Likely to Keep Jobs if Recession Comes

Source: Rich Miller and Enda Curran, Los Angeles Times

The global economy is stuttering, and some of the world’s biggest names are already laying off thousands of employees. But there’s a glimmer of good news: This time around, workers have a better-than-usual shot at holding on to their jobs if a recession arrives.

What Black Friday Sales Say About the Retail Sector

Source: Paulina Likos, CNBC

The holiday shopping season got off to a solid start, as Black Friday's online sales beat expectations and started to build some much-needed momentum for the retail sector.

December 1, 2022

Elon Musk Claims Apple has Threatened to Remove the Twitter App

Source: Kif Leswing, CNBC

Twitter owner Elon Musk claimed in a series of tweets that Apple had threatened to remove the Twitter app from the App Store as part of its app review moderation process.

Once Arcane Job Openings Survey Becomes Darling of Fed's Eye

Source: Howard Schneider, Reuters

As a Harvard University graduate student in the 1980s, Katharine Abraham tried to fill a hole in U.S. economic data by piecing together an estimate of labor demand.

There’s a Job-Market Riddle at the Heart of the Next Recession

Source: Rich Miller and Enda Curran, Bloomberg

Tech giants and banks are already cutting workers, but many employers seem desperate to keep hiring.

November 30, 2022

Biden Asks US Congress to Block Railroad Strike that Could ‘Devastate Economy’

Source: Dominic Rushe, The Guardian

With the December 9 deadline fast approaching, business groups also push US government to intervene in labor dispute before holidays.

How to Write Off Small Business Expenses

Source: Jessica Walrack, U.S. News

Writing off small business expenses can help you lower your tax liability. Here's a look at what you can write off and how the process works.

There’s a Job-Market Riddle at the Heart of the Next Recession

Source: Rich Miller and Enda Curran, Bloomberg

Tech giants and banks are already cutting workers, but many employers seem desperate to keep hiring.

November 29, 2022

US Employers Slow Down Hiring Before Holiday Shopping Rush

Source: Taylor Nicole Rogers, Financial Times

Bargaining power shifts away from applicants as retailers forecast weaker sales growth.

McDonald's Employees Help Deliver Baby in Bathroom

Source: Nadine El-Bawab, ABC News

Three employees at a McDonald's in Atlanta, Georgia, helped deliver a baby girl after a pregnant mother went into labor there.

Company Fires 2,700 Workers While They Were Sleeping Days Before Thanksgiving

Source: Maya Yang, The Guardian

Workers at Mississippi-based furniture company received text saying they were terminated just before midnight on 21 November.

November 28, 2022

Caterpillar Worker’s Grisly Foundry Death Blamed on Training and Work Conditions

Source: Michael Sainato , The Guardian

Workers say conditions at Illinois facility haven’t changed since Steven Dierkes was incinerated in pot of molten iron in June.

Amazon Workers in 30 Other Countries Protest on Black Friday

Source: Alain Sherter, CBS News

Amazon workers and activists in 30 countries marked the traditional start of holiday shopping season with a series of walkouts and protests to demand better pay and working conditions.

How Disability Charities Are Working To Solve The U.S. Labor Shortage

Source: Gus Alexiou, Forbes

The United States currently finds itself in the grips of a labor shortage in key areas like retail and manufacturing as the after-effects of the Covid-inspired “Great Resignation” continue to be felt.

November 25, 2022

Black Friday Deals: Why Bigger Discounts May Come Next Month

Source: Natalie Sherman, BBC News

Shoppers hoping to clinch lucrative deals on holiday gifts may get lucky during Black Friday sales this season. But those who wait may get even luckier.

Small Businesses, and Shoppers, Return to Holiday Markets

Source: Associated Press, U.S. News

On a recent evening in early November shoppers at the Bryant Park holiday market in New York City were in the holiday spirit well before Black Friday.

HP to Cut Up to 6,000 Jobs as Fading PC Demand Damps Outlook

Source: Brody Ford, Bloomberg Law

HP Inc. will eliminate as many as 6,000 jobs over the next three years amid declining demand for personal computers that has cut into profits.

November 24, 2022

US Jobless Claims Hit Three-Month High as Labor Market Cools

Source: Augusta Saraiva, Bloomberg

Applications for US unemployment benefits rose last week to a three-month high amid a wave of layoffs at technology companies, a sign of cooling in a tight labor market.

Dominican Sugar Imports Tied to Forced Labor Rejected by US

Source: Danica Coto, ABC News

The U.S. government says it will detain all imports of sugar and related products made in the Dominican Republic by the country's largest sugar producer amid allegations that it uses forced labor.

Shein’s Cotton Tied to Chinese Region Accused of Forced Labor

Source: Sheridan Prasso, Bloomberg

A US attempt to ban imports of cotton linked to forced labor in China contains a loophole large enough for a multibillion-dollar business to pass through.

November 23, 2022

U.S. Job Market Little Affected by Pandemic, Say Researchers

Source: Michael Derby, Reuters

For all the tumult and disruptions of the coronavirus pandemic, U.S. labor markets have come out on the other side not far from the strong conditions that prevailed before the crisis, a paper presented at a Boston Fed research conference said.

Retailers Warn of ‘Self-Inflicted Economic Disaster’ After Rejected Labor Deal

Source: Matt Egan, CNN Business

The nation’s leading retailers warned that Congress may need to step in to avert a devastating freight rail strike they fear could spoil food, interrupt the delivery of goods bought online and worsen inflation.

America Faces a Possible Rail Strike in Two Weeks After Largest Union Rejects Labor Deal

Source: Chris Isidore and Vannessa Yurkevich, CNN Business

The rank-and-file members of the nation’s largest rail union, which represents the industry’s conductors, rejected a tentative labor deal with freight railroads, the union announced Monday.

November 22, 2022

Tech Layoffs are Not a Bellwether for Broader Cuts in Other Industries

Source: Rohan Goswami, CNBC

Despite large-scale tech layoffs, the broader labor pool is not in true danger yet, given that staffing levels remained below pre-pandemic levels for some time, a Morgan Stanley research note said.

Why Foreign Workers in the US are Especially Vulnerable to the Twitter Turmoil

Source: Donnie O'Sullivan, Priscilla Alvarez, and Oliver Darcy, CNN

Twitter employees who are relying on the company for work visas have been left in limbo, finding themselves at the whims of its new billionaire owner, knowing if they quit, they may have to leave the United States.

U.S. Policymakers Have One Last Chance to Avoid a Recession

Source: Katica Roy, Fortune

Some 1.5 million women have vanished from the labor force since Feb. 2020. That bothers gender economist Katica Roy–and not for reasons of fairness.

November 21, 2022

Has Trade with China Really Cost the U.S. Jobs?

Source: Scott Kennedy and Ilaria Mazzocco, Harvard Business Review

As the U.S.- China relationship continues to deteriorate, the role of trade has come under increasing scrutiny.

Foreign Workers Laid Off from Big Tech Face a Deadline: Find Jobs ASAP or Leave the Country

Source: Brahmjot Kaur and Sakshi Venkatraman, NBC News

“We’re not really helping ourselves by making it so hard for talented people to come and stay in the United States,” a migration policy expert said.

Krispy Kreme to Pay $1.2M to Settle Overtime Suit

Source: John Downey, Biz Journals

Krispy Kreme Inc. has agreed to pay almost $1.2 million in backpay and damages to 516 assistant managers who the U.S. Department of Labor says were improperly denied overtime payments from 2019 to 2021.

November 18, 2022

Here’s How a National Rail Strike Could Start in December

Source: Lori Ann LaRocco, CNBC

Railroads and logistics firms face two potential dates for the start of a rail strike, with a decision by the Signalmen's Union key to when preparations throughout the economy would need to begin.

New Service Union Seeks to Inspire Labor Movement in South

Source: Associated Press, U.S. News

Over 100 service industry workers have gathered in the capital of the state with the county's lowest unionization rate to launch a new union and try to boost labor organizing across the U.S. South.

U.S. Labor Market Remains Tight Despite Technology Sector Layoffs

Source: Lucia Mutikani, Reuters

The number of Americans filing new claims for unemployment benefits fell last week, showing widespread layoffs remain low despite a surge in technology-sector job cuts that has raised fears of an imminent recession.

November 17, 2022

Apple Stores Go From Dream Retail Job to Latest US Labor Fight

Source: Josh Eidelson, Bloomberg Law

The glowing white technology store is cast in shadow,

Delta Gets Closer to Labor Deal with Pilots, Union Says

Source: Leslie Josephs, CNBC

Delta, United, American and Southwest pilots are demanding higher pay and better schedules.

Hiring Remote Disabled Workers Could Help Close the Labor Gap

Source: Tanya Kaushal, Yahoo Finance

The end to America’s nationwide labor shortage is still not in sight, but some economists suggest that having a more diversely-abled workforce in today’s hybrid work culture could help solve it.

November 16, 2022

Big Tech’s Layoff Wave Is an Outlier in Still-Robust Job Market

Source: August Saraiva, Bloomberg

The layoffs and hiring freezes mounting at US technology companies are unlikely to be a harbinger of trouble in the broader US labor market, economists say.

U.S. Department of Labor Awards ICF $34 Million in New Research Services Contracts

Source: Staff, Yahoo Finance

ICF has worked with ILAB since 2004, providing research and other support on topics related to forced labor, child labor, human trafficking and more.

Former Hospital Worker Tees Up Retaliation Test at Tenth Circuit

Source: Khorri Atkinson, Bloomberg

A federal appeals court in Denver will consider what threshold a former nursing assistant must reach to prove that a two-week quit-or-be-fired ultimatum following her internal sexual harassment complaint amounts to retaliation.

November 15, 2022

Mexican-American Artist Finds Heroes in Farm Workers

Source: Jori Finkel, The New York Times

Narsiso Martinez’s portraits honor the immigrants behind big American agribusiness.

Inadequate US State Unemployment Systems Leave Millions Vulnerable

Source: Michael Sainato, The Guardian

Unprepared system leaves unemployed Americans vulnerable to poverty, losing homes and struggling to pay bills or feed families.

Company Accused of Hiring Children for 'Hazardous' Factory Work

Source: Jordan Hart, Insider

An industrial cleaning service is accused of using dozens of children to work dangerous overnight shifts causing injuries, including a chemical burn suffered by a 13-year-old, according to the US Department of Labor.

November 14, 2022

Democrats Keep Senate as Control of House Remains Undecided

Source: Matt Meyer and Maureen Chowdhury, CNN

Republicans appear to be inching closer to the 218 seats that would deliver them a House majority, but several congressional races — including in California and Colorado — remain uncalled.

Some Wins and Some Losses on Labor-Related Ballot Measures

Source: Laura Clawson, Daily Kos

They weren’t mostly the highest-profile things on the ballot on Tuesday, but this year’s elections did include a number of ballot measures relevant to workers. The outcomes were a mixed bag.

Pittsburgh Newspaper Workers Strike Unfair Labor Practice

Source: Michael Sainato , The Guardian

Strike began after Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s management blocked communications and cut off health insurance.

November 11, 2022

Judge Rejects New Trial for Walmart After Firing of Employee with Down Syndrome

Source: Melissa Repko, CNBC

A jury found last year that the retailer wrongfully fired Marlo Spaeth, a woman with Down syndrome who worked for nearly 16 years in a Walmart Supercenter.

Facebook-Owner Meta to Cut 11,000 Staff

Source: Chris Vallance, BBC

The first mass lay-offs in the firm's history will result in 11,000 employees, from a worldwide headcount of 87,000, losing their jobs.

Threat of National Rail Strike Eases For Now

Source: Lori Ann LaRocco, CNBC

Union BMWED moved the end of its cooling-off period that includes talks with freight rail management from November 20 to December 4 in a move that allows the unions to ultimately align their strategy ahead of a potential strike.

November 10, 2022

US Jobs Remain Resilient Despite High Inflation

Source: Steffie Banatvala and Rafe Uddin, Financial Times

Despite high inflation and a historically tight labour market, US employment remains surprisingly resilient.

Adidas scoops up CEO who turned around rival Puma

Source: Hanna Ziady, CNN Business

Adidas has appointed the head of Puma to succeed outgoing CEO Kasper Rorsted, betting on his ability to replicate its crosstown rival’s comeback.

Getting Laid Off? Know Your Rights

Source: Jeanne Sahadi, CNN Business

Employees are not without rights when they are laid off en masse. Here’s a quick primer on what they need to know.

November 9, 2022

Punching In: DOL Spurns Cooling the Jobs Market As Inflation Fix

Source: Rebecca Rainey and Chris Marr, Bloomberg Law

Does the labor market need to cool off to tame rising inflation?

Labor Secretary Says Congress Needs to Block Rail Strikes Without New Deals

Source: Chris Isidore, CNN Business

The statement is a blow to the unions’ leverage as they seek to win a contract that their membership will accept.

Lawyer Suing Twitter Over Layoffs Says Musk Trying to Comply

Source: Josh Eidelson, Bloomberg

Lawsuit comes as new boss plans to eliminate half of workforce.

November 8, 2022

Why Uber and Hillary Clinton Care About a Minimum Wage Vote in Portland, Maine

Source: Eleanor Mueller , Politico

Progressive groups are trying to use Portland’s initiative as national test cases for pushing beyond simply raising the minimum wage.

What the Wave of Tech Layoffs Say About the Economy

Source: Nicole Goodkind, CNN Business

Job cuts and pauses on hiring are beginning to flow across the tech sector, which boasts some of the most valuable companies in the world. That’s bad news for the economy as a whole.

Mixed Bag for Jobs: Employers Hiring, But Unemployment Rises

Source: Chris Isidore, CNN Business

The white-hot US labor market is showing signs of cooling, with the Labor Department reporting Friday a slower pace of hiring and higher unemployment.

November 7, 2022

U.S. Labor Secretary Marty Walsh weighs in on Elon Musk's Twitter layoffs

Source: Brian Sozzi, Yahoo News

U.S. Labor Secretary Marty Walsh is keeping a close eye on layoffs in the tech sector, including Elon Musk's chaotic overhaul at Twitter.

‘I’m Selling My Blood’: Millions in US Can’t Make Ends Meet with Two Jobs

Source: Michael Sainato , The Guardian

More Americans have been working two or more jobs over the past few decades, census data shows.

A U.S. Labor Shortage is Planting Seeds for Layoffs

Source: Jeffry Bartash, MarketWatch

The Fed aims to loosen the tightest labor market in decades by raising unemployment.

November 4, 2022

Georgia State Senator Relied on Farm Contractors Involved in Major Human Trafficking Case

Source: Maria Perez, Abraham Kenmore, and Drew Favakeh, USA Today

Operation Blooming Onion is among the largest criminal prosecutions of labor trafficking of foreign farmworkers.

Why America’s Job Market Hasn’t Imploded

Source: Nicole Goodkind, CNN Business

We’ve got all the ingredients for a downturn and yet companies keep hiring.

Labor Shortage Crisis Needs an ‘All of the Above Solution’

Source: Staff, CBIA

Solving the manufacturing industry’s labor shortage is a critical issue for Connecticut’s economy. Carolyn Lee, president of The Manufacturing Institute, spoke on this topic.

November 3, 2022

Apple Discriminated Against Pro-Union Staff, NLRB Alleges

Source: Josh Eidelson , Bloomberg

the complaint follows that Apple suppressed labor efforts. The tech giant, Apple, is increasingly a target for union organizers

Labor Shortage Still Pinching Aerospace and Defense Sector

Source: Joe Gould and Stephen Losey, Defense News

Despite signs the labor market is starting to cool, aerospace and defense industry executives said they’re still struggling with hiring, training and the loss of skilled workers.

They Quit Their Jobs. Here’s What They are Doing Now.

Source: Hamza Shaban, The Washington Post

The Great Resignation neared its peak one year ago when more than 4.5 million Americans quit their jobs. Some left low-wage service positions for higher pay.

November 2, 2022

U.S. Workers Have Gotten Way Less Productive, Nobody Knows Why

Source: Taylor Telford, The Washington Post

Bosses and economists are troubled by the worst drop in U.S. worker output since 1947.

U.S. Department of Labor Funds $80 Million to Address Nursing Shortage

Source: U.S. Department of Labor

The unprecedented demands that the pandemic placed on the nation’s nurses – combined with retirements and an aging workforce – have greatly increased the need for nursing workers in the U.S.

Supreme Court Rejects Art Teacher’s Retaliatory Harassment Case

Source: Robert Iafolla, Bloomberg Law

The US Supreme Court decline to consider what threshold courts should apply to decide if an employer’s conduct was severe enough to support a claim for retaliatory harassment in violation of federal age discrimination law.

November 1, 2022

Starbucks Comment to Pro-Union Worker Was Threat, NLRB Says

Source: Josh Eidelson , Bloomberg Law

Starbucks Corp. interim Chief Executive Officer Howard Schultz made comments during an April meeting with employees that US labor officials view as an illegal anti-union threat.

American Airlines Offers Pilots Higher Raises in New Contract Proposal

Source: Leslie Josephs, CNBC

The biggest U.S. carriers have been in labor talks with their pilot unions for months.

Biden’s Women’s Bureau Targets Child Care, Diversity, Bias: Q&A

Source: Rebecca Rainey, Bloomberg Law

A small US Labor Department subagency tasked with identifying women’s issues in the labor force will be a key player in ensuring that the Biden administration’s workforce investments lift up women who are typically left out of the male-dominated trades.

October 31, 2022

US Unemployment Claims Inched Higher, But Remain Very Low

Source: Matt Ott, ABC News

Slightly more Americans applied for unemployment benefits last week as the labor market remains one of the healthiest parts of an uneven U.S. economy.

'Working in Fear': Some Private Contractors are Accused of Abusive Labor Practices on U.S. Military Bases

Source: Molly Boigon, Andrew Lehren, Laura Strickler, Courtney Kube, Anna Schecter, and Yousef Alshammari, NBC News

“Our taxpayer dollars are being used potentially to support forced labor and human trafficking, and that’s just unacceptable,” a U.S. government auditor said.

Workers Without Sick Pay or Family Leave Quit More During Pandemic than Employees with Benefits

Source: Eli M. Rosenberg, NBC News

Democrats renew calls for universal paid sick leave in a report linking low wages and scant paid leave to heightened attrition and recruiting challenges during the pandemic.

October 29, 2022

For Labor Trafficked Immigrants, T-Visas are a Life-Saving But Flawed Relief

Source: Sarah Betancourt and Jenifer McKim, GBH News

Many survivors escape from a trafficking situation with little more than the proverbial shirt on their backs.

Covid Fear Linked to Shrinking US Workforce, $250 Billion Cost

Source: Matthew Boyle, Bloomberg Law

Persistent worries about catching Covid kept about 3 million Americans out of the workforce, reducing the nation’s economic output by $250 billion in the first half of 2022, according to new research on a phenomenon dubbed “Long Social Distancing.”

Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan CEOs Tip U.S. Economy for Recession as Labor Tightness Keeps Fed Aggressive

Source: Elliot Smith, CNBC

Wall Street titan Dimon agreed that the Fed would likely continue hiking rates aggressively before pausing to allow the data to begin reflecting its efforts to rein in inflation.

October 27, 2022

Labor Secretary: A ‘Catastrophe’ is Coming for the Economy, But It’s Not Recession or Inflation

Source: Eric Rosenbaum, CNBC

U.S. Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh said in an interview at the CNBC Work Summit that he does not expect mass layoffs and job growth should continue into next year.

Labor Movement’s Next Big Challenge: Keeping Momentum as Economy Slows

Source: Lauren Kaori Gurley, The Washington Post

Despite an Amazon setback last week, unions have gained footholds at big companies such as Apple, Chipotle and Starbucks.

Employers Eye Lame-Duck Immigration Fix Amid Hot Job Market

Source: Eleanor Mueller , Politico

Employers are praying for a smaller-scale immigration fix when Congress returns next month as they continue struggling to fill open jobs.

October 26, 2022

DOL Extends Contractor Proposal Comment Period After Complaints

Source: Rebecca Rainey, Bloomberg Law

The US Labor Department has extended by 15 days the comment period on its recent independent contractor proposal, after complaints from critics who said the initial time frame alloted for the rule was too short.

Walker's Chicken Firm Tied to Benefits From Unpaid Labor

Source: Bill Barrow, U.S. News

Herschel Walker campaigns for the U.S. Senate as a champion of free enterprise and advocate for the mentally ill, felons and others.

Hyundai to Drop Two US Suppliers Facing Child Labor Violations

Source: Evan Mealins, USA Today

Two Alabama auto parts suppliers accused of employing underage workers may soon be losing their biggest client, based on a statement Hyundai’s top executive gave to Reuters last week.

October 25, 2022

Twitch CEO Aligns With Uber in Seeking ‘Third Way’ for Classifying Creators

Source: Cecilia D’Anastasio, Bloomberg

Twitch Chief Executive Officer Emmett Shear thinks US employment laws could be improved to better support content creators who generate millions of dollars for the video live streaming site.

US Forest Service Employee Arrested in Oregon Over Spread of Prescribed Burn

Source: Gabrielle Canon, The Guardian

Unprecedented arrest comes after fire burned 20 acres of private land. Now, experts fear backlash against the wildfire control tool.

Diner Owner Faces Down COVID, Construction, Labor Shortage

Source: Scott Sexton, U.S. News

John Nikas thought he knew what he was getting into when he bought the venerable Murphy’s Breakfast and Lunch in 2010.

October 24, 2022

DACA’s Potential Demise Portends Labor Force Drop Across Economy

Source: Andrew Kreighbaum, Bloomberg Law

Ten years after the start of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, hundreds of thousands of DACA recipients face the prospect of losing the work authorization the program provides.

Korean Auto Giant Hyundai Investigating Child Labor in its U.S. Supply Chain

Source: Reuters

A Reuters investigative report in July documented children, including a 12-year-old, working at a Hyundai-controlled metal stamping plant in rural Luverne, Alabama, called SMART Alabama, LLC.

Lowe’s Faces Organization Effort as US Unionization Movement Spreads

Source: Michael Sainato, The Guardian

Workers at Lowe’s and the chain’s top rival, Home Depot, push to unionize their companies’ first US stores despite challenges.

October 21, 2022

U.S. Factories Emerge as a Strong Point in a Weakening Economy

Source: Scott Horsley, NPR

Factories added 467,000 jobs in the last 12 months. And factory production in September was the highest in 14 years, according to the Federal Reserve.

US Women Earn 83.4% of What Men Make in Narrower Pay Gap

Source: Alex Tanzi, Bloomberg Law

US women earned 83.4 cents for every dollar men made in the third quarter, up a cent from the prior period but marking a pay gap below the high of 84.3 cents reached last year.

Illinois Takes Center Stage in Battle Over Union Rights Vote

Source: Don Babwin, U.S. News

With U.S. union ranks swelling as everyone from coffee shop baristas to warehouse workers seeks to organize, Illinois voters will decide next month whether to amend their state constitution to guarantee the right to bargain collectively.

October 20, 2022

Labor Market Could Shift Back in Favor of Employers

Source: Savannah Sicurella, The Business Journals

Recent economic headwinds suggest that the labor market could shift back in favor of companies.

Factory Production in US Increases for a Third Straight Month

Source: Reade Pickert, Bloomberg Law

US factory production rose for a third month in September, suggesting firm growth in manufacturing that’s underpinned by solid business investment and demand for consumer goods.

American Airlines Pilot Union Moves Toward Seeking Federal Mediation

Source: Leslie Josephs, CNBC

The Allied Pilots Association said it is taking steps to seek federal intervention in its contract talks with American Airlines.

October 19, 2022

Apple Union Win Shows Labor Gains in Organizing-Resistant South

Source: Ian Kullgren, Bloomberg Law

Organized labor’s decisive victory at an Apple Inc. Store in Oklahoma City is causing unions to rethink their long-held belief that workers in Republican-dominated Southern states can’t be won over.

Amazon Workers Reject Union Bid in Upstate New York

Source: Associated Press, U.S. News

Amazon workers in upstate New York overwhelmingly rejected a union bid on Tuesday, handing a second defeat to the labor group that’s been attempting to drag the company to the negotiating table since its historic win earlier this year.

‘Made by White Labor’: the Vintage Levi’s that Point to America’s Dark Past

Source: Matthew Cantor, The Guardian

A denim garment dating from 1880s found in western mineshaft, which sold for $76,000, recalls era of Chinese Exclusion Act.

October 18, 2022

Why Going on Strike Could Get Much Harder for American Workers

Source: Irina Ivanova, CBS News

A case the Supreme Court agreed to hear last week could make going on strike much more difficult.

Apple Workers in Oklahoma Vote to Unionize in 2nd Labor Win

Source: Associated Press, U.S. News

The National Labor Relations Board says workers at an Apple store in Oklahoma City voted to unionize, marking the second unionized Apple store in the U.S. in a matter of months.

Is the Uber, Lyft and Gig Economy Battle over Workers Nearing its End Game?

Source: Tim Mullaney, CNBC

Proposed Department of Labor rules stop short of classifying Uber and Lyft drivers as employees.

October 17, 2022

Fed Minutes Reveal No Letup in Interest Rate Hikes

Source: Tim Smart, U.S. News

Officials are fearful of tapping the brakes on inflation too soon.

Inflation Increased 0.4% in September, More than Expected Despite Rate Hikes

Source: Jeff Cox, CNBC

Worker wages took another hit, falling 0.1% monthly and 3% year over year when adjusted for inflation.

Nobody is Talking to Me About 'Quiet Quitting': U.S. Labor Secretary

Source: Brian Sozzi, Yahoo Finance

Quiet quitting may be the hot talk on social media and internal employee chat rooms, but U.S. Labor Secretary Marty Walsh says it's not a big topic of discussion in his chats with business leaders.

October 14, 2022

Amazon Labor Union Faces Next Showdown in Upstate New York

Source: Catherine Thorbecke, CNN

A grassroots worker group made history by gaining enough votes to form the first US union at an Amazon warehouse in Staten Island, New York, in what was widely viewed as a “David vs. Goliath” battle.

Companies Hoarding Workers Could be Good for the Economy

Source: Jeanna Smialek and Sydney Ember, The New York Times

Employers have been burned by a labor shortage. Will that make them act differently if the economy slows down?

Labor Department Proposal Could Upend Rules for Gig Workers

Source: Michelle Chapman and Alexandra Olson, PBS

Misclassifying workers as independent contractors denies those workers protections under federal labor standards, promotes wage theft, allows certain employers to gain an unfair advantage over businesses, and hurts the economy.

October 13, 2022

Apple Faces US Labor Complaint Over Union Busting

Source: Jon Fingas, Yahoo Finance

Apple's alleged union busting has prompted federal action.

Job Openings Plunged by Over 1.1 Million in August

Source: Jeff Cox, CNBC

The Job Openings and Labor Turnover numbers are watched closely by the Federal Reserve, which is trying to reverse runaway inflation that has been pushed by the tight labor market.

Ocean Freight Orders are Signaling a Big Drop in Consumer Demand

Source: Lori Ann LaRocco, CNBC

The declines include machinery, household products, industrial products and some apparel.

October 12, 2022

Activision Blizzard Withheld Raises to Retaliate Against Unionizing Staff

Source: Joshua Wolens, PC Gamer Magazine

An April pay bump for Activision Blizzard QA staff excluded unionizing Raven workers, and the NLRB says that was deliberate.

The U.S. Labor Market Is Looser Than It Appears

Source: Gary Shilling, Financial Advisor Magazine

Current labor market stringency isn’t due to robust demand for workers but because Americans are limiting the supply after the pandemic.

‘Real People That We Care About Are Being Exploited’

Source: Natalie Fertig and Eleanor Mueller, Politico

Lured with false promises of high pay and decent labor conditions, immigrants are held against their will by outlaw farmers who withhold their wages.

September 28, 2022

The Fed’s Fight Against Inflation Could Cost the US 1.2 Million Jobs

Source: Alicia Walice, CNN Business

In its efforts to bring down historic inflation and cool the economy, the Federal Reserve has used multiple euphemisms to describe the potential impact on Americans’ jobs, from economic “pain” to “unfortunate costs” and a “softening labor market.”

New ‘Striketober’ Looms as US Walkouts Increase Amid Surge in Union Activity

Source: Michael Sainato, The Guardian

Support for unions is on the rise as workers take action to raise pay and conditions amid booming company profits.

Russia Gives Citizenship to Ex-NSA Contractor Edward Snowden

Source: Associated Press, U.S. News

Russian President Vladimir Putin has granted Russian citizenship to Edward Snowden, a former contractor with the U.S. National Security Agency.

September 27, 2022

Spain Plans ‘Digital Nomad’ Visa Scheme to Attract Remote Workers

Source: Stephen Burgen, The Guardian

A proposed scheme in Spain includes tax breaks and gives Britons and other non-EU citizens chance to stay up to five years.

NYC Appeals Ruling Over Vaccine Mandate for Police Officers

Source: Associated Press, ABC News

New York City officials are appealing a judge’s ruling that they lacked the legal authority to fire members of the city’s largest police union for violating a COVID-19 vaccination mandate.

Big Oil “Exaggerates” Jobs to Stall Climate Action, Report Alleges

Source: Kristoffer Tigue, Inside Climate

Just a week after receiving similar criticism from congressional Democrats, Big Oil is once again facing allegations of misleading the public in an attempt to stall climate action and protect its bottom line.

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