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Our Programs Content Syndication FAQ

What is is a series of tools to help you better promote your law practice, which include licensed content from the Workplace Fairness website, law firm websites with WF's content built in, and attorney listings on the WF website. makes your site more valuable to prospective and existing clients, and a better tool for promoting your firm and your advocacy of employee rights.

What does stand for? stands for the individual products that Workplace Fairness offers, as well as our super-simple pricing structure.

Image: Find a Lawyer Listing0 (Zero) - We're creating the most comprehensive and visible employment lawyer listing on the web -- and it's free! Do you expect anything less from Google's top-rated employee rights site? We'll provide a free basic listing, appearing on the Workplace Fairness website, to all lawyers who represent workers and are working to make the workplace more fair.

Image: Deluxe Listing1 (One) - For $1,000 a year -- less than $100/month -- your firm can receive a deluxe listing in our employment lawyer list. This listing includes client testimonials, a ranking by clients, an interview, a listing of your top areas of practice, reasons why you are the best lawyer for the job and a video clip (consistent with state bar regulations). Want to reach around 400,000 people a year who visit the Workplace Fairness website, many of whom are looking for representation? Then you'll want to have a deluxe listing, one click away from every page on our site.

Image: TKTLaw "2" site2 (Two) - For $2,000 a year, your firm's existing web site will receive the new and improved WF Works, with fresh daily workplace content. It's enough to visit most law firm web sites once a year, but we'll give you something that clients will return to again and again. Your site will now feature fresh daily content--a topic of the week, blogs, video links, and more of the latest information. This daily content will complement hundreds of pages of legal information provided by the award-winning Workplace Fairness website, our original WF Works program. Don't have time to keep your site updated with the latest developments -- we'll take care of that for you.

Image: B. Dahlenburg Bonar3 (Three) - Don't have a web site yet? Not happy with your current website provider? For $3,000 a year, we'll create an entire web site for you, with Workplace Fairness' content already built in. We'll host, supply a variety of templates so you can tailor the site and provide both fresh daily workplace content and hundreds of pages from the award-winning Workplace Fairness website. Compare that to the costly legal site providers who charge $10,000 a year or more, while including information primarily of interest to defense lawyers -- not your clients. We'll save you time as well, since you won't have to deal with website builders who don't specialize in law firm websites and don't understand the legal market.

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What about maintenance and updates?

Your pages are stored on our servers. That means we take care of maintaining the content and the design, and your pages are automatically updated whenever we update the Workplace Fairness site. That also means you won't pay more for the added size of, or traffic to, your site. And if we build your 3 site, then standard maintenance is included in your annual fee.

What pages are included in covers employment law and the legal process from A to Z, with comprehensive and easy-to-read pages on topics such as:

Day Laborers
Arbitration Agreements
Drug Testing
Saving Your Job
Wrongful Termination
At-Will Employment

Age Discrimination
Pregnancy Discrimination
Filing a Discrimination Complaint
Sex Harassment
Overtime Exemptions
Comp Time
Unpaid Wages

Meal Breaks
Unemployment Insurance Eligibility
Workers' Comp
Disability Leave
Military Leave
Environmental Whistleblowers

View a full list of pages included in here.

Why not just link to Workplace Fairness from my site?

You can do that, and we hope you will. But once you send visitors to another site, even ours, they might not come back. With, your visitors get the comprehensive and easy-to-use information they're looking for without ever leaving your site. If they need a lawyer, they call you.

Can I pick and choose which pages I want to display?

Yes. is fully customizable. We can turn individual pages on or off at any time.

Where can I see in action?

Large and small firms such as Outten & Golden, The Amlong Firm, and Tobias Torchia & Simon are already demonstrating how seamlessly integrates with and enhances an existing site.

What if I have more questions?

Email wfworks@workplacefairness.org or call 240.772.1205.

Get Now is a smart, affordable investment for any firm. It lets you do more for people who contact you for help, and it pays for itself over and over in increased business. Contact us today to put to work for you!

Email: wfworks@workplacefairness.org
Phone: 240.772.1205

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The Workplace Fairness Attorney Directory features lawyers from across the United States who primarily represent workers in employment cases. Please note that Workplace Fairness does not operate a lawyer referral service and does not provide legal advice, and that Workplace Fairness is not responsible for any advice that you receive from anyone, attorney or non-attorney, you may contact from this site.

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