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        • Learn Key Skills to Land Your Perfect Job with Expert Martin Yate & the Resources at the Workplace Fairness Career Center
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Learn Key Skills to Land Your Perfect Job with Expert Martin Yate & the Resources at the Workplace Fairness Career Center

In a Nutshell: From the résumé to the interview (and everything in between), finding a job can be a stressful process. When you’re unsure of your next steps or simply failing to get noticed, that process can become overwhelming. A volunteer-driven organization dedicated to promoting, protecting, and preserving employee rights, Workplace Fairness has put together a host of resources designed to help smooth your journey down the career path. Built on career expert Martin Yate’s “Knock ‘Em Dead” program, the Workplace Fairness Career Center provides access to résumé writing, career coaching, and reference checking services that can propel your job search to the next level.

In my opinion, few things are as aptly named as the “job hunt.” While we’ve all heard the stories of someone or other being recruited right out of school (or the mall, or the sports field), for the rest of us, finding a job is most definitely a hunt.

While on that hunt, many of us must face a few universal truths, as well. For instance, no matter how many résumés you send out, you’re probably never going to hear from at least half of the people you contact. Additionally, you will either be under- or over-qualified for the majority of the jobs you want (regardless of your actual qualifications).

No, at the end of the day, not only is finding a job a hunt, but it’s a very difficult one, at that. But it may not have to be; the “information age” is another thing quite aptly named. Today’s connected society has placed tons of information at your fingertips that can smooth your path throughout the job hunt, including a bounty of resources from Workplace Fairness.

“Workplace Fairness is an organization that provides education and assistance to individual workers, and their advocates, nationwide,” described Heidi Allison-Shane, a member of the Board of Directors for Workplace Fairness. An organization made up primarily of volunteers from around the country, Workplace Fairness works to promote, preserve, and protect employee rights.

And its members are dedicated to the cause. Dominated by volunteers, even the members of the board wear many hats, including Heidi. While she works as Managing Director of Shane and Shane PR full time, she also volunteers her free time as the Head of Public Relations for Workplace Fairness.

“The whole mission of Workplace Fairness is to help people having a rough time in the marketplace,” said Heidi, “because a lot of people don’t know where to turn. They don’t realize you need an entire portfolio of assets to help you find a job, keep that job, and get promoted.”

To provide the resources job hunters needed, the team at Workplace Fairness partnered with experienced career coach, Martin Yate, to develop a platform based on his Knock ‘Em Dead program. In the Workplace Fairness Career Center, users can find career coaching, résumé writing services, and even reference checking services all designed to help them excel at the job hunt.

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